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The Artist

Enaile Dias Siffert is a fine artist and visual artist; painter, designer, illustrator...

She lives in Brazil and art has always been a passion of hers.

Her paintings and drawings have been featured at exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Several of her artworks are also featured on national and international art websites.


"Nature inspires me and fantasy gives me wings. I go from realism to abstract, from classic to stylized, from academic to contemporary... I like to move freely through themes, styles and materials, without formulas or creative constraints; but never without quality and technical improvement." (Enaile D. Siffert)


marcador E-mail:

Some of the works published on this site are available for purchase/sale. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing original works by the artist or fine art print (giclée) limited editions.

Eventually, the artist also accepts comissions.

Buyers, galleries, dealers, curators, art collectors and connoisseurs: if you are interested in the artist's work, please contact us:

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The rights to the images and texts on this site belong to Enaile D. Siffert.

Artistic and intellectual works are protected by copyright and intellectual property legislation.

All works published here are authored by the artist and can not be copied, reproduced, redistributed or altered without the artist permission.

© Enaile D. Siffert. All rights reserved.


We sell limited edition fine art print reproductions (museum quality standard) of some of the artist works.

Prints are made on demand, using state-of-the-art professional equipment, using highly durable water-based mineral pigment inks on 100% acid-free cotton paper.

Each copy of the edition is checked, numbered, signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The limited editions that we currently have for sale are listed here.

artworks for sale

marcador Luna Art Store:

We also have a print on demand store at Zazzle, called Luna Art Store, where you can buy open edition prints and other products featuring some of the artist illustrations.

There are posters, apparel, accessories, cards, home and pets products, office products, cases, stickers, etc. And the products are customizable (you can change styles and colors, add text, etc).


The artist's original paintings and drawings are made on canvas/panel (oil paint, acrylic paint) or on paper (watercolor, graphite pencil, colored pencil, pastels, ink). And some of the illustrations were created digitally or in mixed media (traditional + digital).

Information on materials, techniques, dates, etc. are available along with the images of the works published in the Gallery of this site.

Some of the artist's paintings and drawings are for sale and the available ones are listed here.


Eventually, the artist accepts paintings, drawings and illustrations commissions, as well as restoration and customization services.


marcador Commission status: closed. (At the moment, the artist is not accepting new commissions, but some special projects.)


Some works by the artist may be licensed to be published, printed on products, etc. If you would like any illustration for publication / commercial use / licensing, please contact us:

The Artist marcador Contact marcador Rights marcador Prints marcador Originals marcador Services marcador Licensing

Copyright © 2000-2023 E. D. Siffert. All rights reserved.


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